Civil Disputes & Litigation

Fight your battles

Dispute with a business partner? Someone owe you money?  Served with court proceedings? 

Whatever your issue, we have the experience to help you or your business. 

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Land and property

From trespass and nuisance, to disputes as to ownership of land, we can assist.  We have a proven track record of successfully resolving property disputes.  

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Breach of contract

Our expertise in contract law means that whatever the nature or complexity of the contract, we can provide commercial and strategic advice to resolve the issue.  

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Business disputes

Disputes between partners, directors and shareholders can often arise. We will help manage the situation to minimise impact to the business. 

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We have special expertise in this complex area of law to successfully bring or defend actions in libel and slander. Media outlets can visit our page designated to this area. 

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Wills and inheritance

Sadly, disputes over inheritance are all too common. If you are an executor or beneficiary, we can offer guidance on disputes, including challenges to the validity of a will. 

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We have experience of complex and high value civil fraud. Whether it is bringing a claim or defending allegations, we can fight your corner. 

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Building and construction

When things go wrong or customers are not happy, we can step in to make things right. 

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Debt recovery

Whether it is unpaid invoices or an unpaid judgement sum, we have a history of success in recovering monies owed.