Work permit

Any person who is not a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, or who is not a holder of a Certificate of Recognition Caribbean Community Skills Qualification, is required to obtain a work permit to enter Trinidad and Tobago for work-related activities (paid or unpaid) for more than 30 days. 

We can guide you through the process of obtaining a work permit for you or your employee. 

Appeal a decision

Has an immigration officer or ministry made an adverse decision against you or your business? Within Trinity Chambers, we have experience of successfully appealing and reviewing immigration decisions. 


Typically, a person is entitled to become a resident of Trinidad and Tobago if they fall into one of the following categories:

  • They are the spouse of a resident or citizen;
  • They are the parent or grandparent of a resident or citizen residing in Trinidad and Tobago;
  • They have been working in Trinidad and Tobago for five or more continuous years under a valid work permit;
  • They are a former resident. 

If you have any queries or issues with the application process, please get in touch.