Media and defamation

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Avoid claims. 

For any media outlet, be it a newspaper, television, online or radio, defending claims for defamation can be expensive and time consuming. Often, claims can be easily avoided by slight changes in the way a publication is presented or a story is reported. 

Please email [email protected] if your media outlet would like a free training session on the fundamentals of defamation law and strategies to avoid claims. 

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Prevention the best cure.

For advice on the potential implications of an article or story prior to publication, please contact [email protected] for a pricing structure. We offer individual pre-publication checks and monthly retainer services. 

Protect your reputation

Has some said something about you that is untrue? Has your business been subject to a smear campaign? Wherever that statement was made, whether online, on the radio or in the streets, you should seek advice on how best to protect you or your business’ reputation and to obtain financial redress.  

Defamation law is one of the most technical areas of law. Make sure you have experienced and competent legal advisors before bringing a claim. We have a proven track-record of successfully bringing and defending defamation actions.